We Can Win The Title – Czech Striker Speaks

David Macko – a marksman from Most, one of the top teams in Czech Republic – is looking towards the spring season

After last year´s autumn of DRFG minifootball Superleague only score stood between Prague and Most. These two teams enter the spring of the second year of this competition with a larger spacing. Northern Bohemians in the third place are losing three points on the leaders from Prague and two points on Brno which is the second. However, with the increasing level of the nationwide competition the chances to win the title for Most are definitely smaller than a year ago. “We’re doing better than last year, after the half, the position is very good,” reports the Most striker David Macko, who scored eight goals in seven games in the autumn.

So how do you evaluate the autumn season in Most?

“After the bad start we had this year, it’s very good now. We did not expect that we will be losing only three points on the first place.”

So nothing is lost for Most in the spring?

“I think it´s the other way round. In autumn we played with stronger rivals away. In spring we play more times at home than away, which is quite a big advantage and we have a better starting position.”

So you keep the title in mind and it only depends on you?

“If we win all the matches, we will get the title of the national league. We can say that we have it in our legs.”

In regulation time in autumn you lost only once, when Brno defeated Most 4:7. Do you regret it?

“I’m sorry mainly for our performance, we really played badly there. But now when we look back over the autumn, it’s good.”

Does the competition seem more balanced than last year to you?

“Certainly, Olomouc is a better team, although we have to travel further than last year, but nothing can be done. I think the competition moves upwards every year, teams have better players and the competition is harder.”

Do you have a stronger team with the young players compared to last year?

“Every player is different, but the guys incorporated perfectly. We had seen each other only a few times and we went to play right away. They are fine and we will only get better.”

Everyone in the league knows that your goalkeeper Ondrej Bíro acts more as a midfielder and plays far from his goal, do you still consider it as effective?

“It’s our style and we will certainly not change it. It’s true that a lot of teams had learnt it by watching us, they pull back and we have to besiege their penalty area. At the beginning of the season there were matches when we suffered some stupid goals due to this tactics and we could not score one.”

You didn´t miss a single match in autumn and you scored eight goals. Are you satisfied?

“There’s always room for improvement, at the beginning of autumn I had troubles to score goals, but it was getting better towards the end of the season. I think it will be good.”

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Do you think about the nomination for the European Championship in Brno in June?

“Certainly, Euro in Hungary was one of the top experiences of my life and I would like to play in Brno and possibly in Tunisia at the World Cup. I will work hard and try to show even better performances to get there, because Euro at home must be something incredible.”

How do you spend winter time, can you exist without football?

“We have a team and we travel around different tournaments every weekend, we have to be in a good shape when the spring season comes.”