Slovakia Are Ready To Go As Squad Picked For miniEURO

Slovakia is looking forward to MiniEuro 2013. After a process of selection that was rigorous and time consuming, right up until last minute none of the players were sure if they would be able to come to MiniEuro in Greece to wonderful town Rethymno.

Now each of the 12 selected players is excited for what will be a wonderful football experience, with a spokesman saying: “We can´t wait to see Crete and go on trip around the Island. Also, we are very happy to make new friendships. Sport makes people come together and specially football.“

The delegation from Slovakia will be:

Meno Priezvisko    
Jozef Vaclav    
Martina Vaclavova    
Ondrej Kacmar    
Martin Harag    
Miroslav Zidzik    
Michal Zidzik    
Adrian Lucan    
Szabo Roman    
Miroslav Jansak    
Rudolf Belis    
Stanislav Krempasky    
Gabriel Billy    
Igor Pribis    
Martin Hartl    
David Marton