Poland Close To Becoming Full Members Of The EMF

In November 2012, Poland got an invitation to join European Minifootball Association. It did not take  them long to consider such an opportunity; few months later, Poland is approaching the finish line of joining procedure, as Wojciech Dudek explains exclusively to the EMF website.

“Just after we received the invitation, we started the legal procedure to create Polish Minifootball Association. We hope to complete this legal task very soon – we intend to join EMF on General Assembly in March 2013.

“The paperwork is of course requisite. Nevertheless, our priority is the Poland national minifootball team. Right now, it is based on players from the biggest minifootball federation in Poland – Playarena, with over 100 000 Poles participating. To choose the best of them is not an easy task, but we would like to make it even harder and cooperate with other minifootball federations in Poland.

“The first big step we took was the international minifootball match between Poland and CzechRepublic. Our players (lead by the former Leo Beenhakker’s assistant, Rafal Ulatowski) had only one chance to train together before, so unfortunately we failed to win over the third team of Moldova miniEURO 2012. In spite of the final result (0:4), the chosen players showed potential for the future wins.

What are we aiming for in 2013? Besides joining the EMF, our priority is to realize the dream of Poland playing in the miniEURO 2013. Moreover, we want to consolidate the polish minifootball society by maintaining our cooperation with Playarena and establishing new partnerships with other polish minifootball organizations.”