Minifootball in Kazakhstan reaches new heights

Historic milestone for minifootball as a new dedicated stadium for the sport was inaugurated in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana. The Minifootball Association in Kazakhstan built a stadium with a capacity of 1,000 seats and TV broadcasting positions and adjacent training pitch is expected to bring minifootball in Kazakhstan to the next level.
The stadium was launched in high level ceremony attended by WMF president Filip Juda, Kazakhstan Minifootball association president, Yerlan Jarylkassinov, and Kazakh minifootball main sponsor Mr. Talgat Kozhakhmetov. The stadium will host not only top domestic events but is planned also to host international events.


The stadium launch gave Kazakhstan’s minifootball a big boost and was followed by the National Championship in Shymkent together with a new Senior teams Championship. Sairan from Astana was established as the new national Champion and demonstrated that minifootball is stronger than ever in Kazakhstan.