Italy Begin Preparation

The Italian minifootball squad gathered in Livorno on the 28/29 of March the Italian National of Minifootball for the first stage of preparations for 2015.

The first group of players selected by coach Mirko Zerbini, who has held two training sessions and two friendly matches on the fields of the Coteto sports centre in the Tuscan city,kindly  made available by the sporting director Stefano Santoni.

There were 20 athletes from different regions of Italy selected for the stage, some that already participated in the miniEURO2014 in Montenegro, others that were making up the first official selection of the year.

It has been a good opportunity to begin to mix the reconfirmed with those aspiring to make their debuts

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Also running the rule over the players the CEO Fabio Marzoli, the general manager Andrea Simoncini, the team manager Carlo Sardini, the referees manager Salvatore Griguolo, the goalkeeper coach Andrea Candeloro and team doctor  Piergiacomo Torre.

The staff was very satisfied with the team’s first stage of preparation to Europeans in Croatia in September.

The next meeting of the staff for new selections of players will be held in June in Pesaro.