FYR Macedonia – New EMF Member

Last week during EMF EURO 2017 in Brno, EMF General assembly voted unanimously to accept a new member federation from FYR Macedonia.
The Macedonian Minifootball Association established in 2011 has been organizing 6-a-side tournaments in 4 cities across the country: Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Strumica. Since neighboring countries like Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia are well established members of the EMF it was only natural that FYR Macedonia will join as.
The federation president, Petar Tomovski, came to Brno to see the championship and meet EMF management and members.


WMF president Filip Juda and EMF president Dávid Tibor congratulate Macedonian Minifootball Federation president Petar Tomovski.


FYR Macedonia is planning to send the national team to EURO 2018 and the local press in FYR Macedonia has already widely covered the news of minifootball officially coming to the country: http://republika.mk/790770