Friendly matches across Europe as EMF EURO 2017 gets closer

Last weekend the Minifootball family has stepped up preparations for EMF EURO 2017. In the North the Baltic cup tournament with Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and in the south friendly matches between neighboring countries. Hungary traveled to Croatia and Serbia traveled to Bosnia. The national teams have taken the preparations to the next level this year since the level of Minifootball is constantly rising and everyone wants to be better prepared for the EMF EURO.

In Riga, the Latvian capital the Baltic cup tournament hosted also Germany in a great event which included both club and national team matches. Germany won the tournament with 3 wins. The tournament results:

Latvia 4 – 4  Estonia
Germany 3 – 1 Lithuania
Germany 4 – 0 Estonia
Latvia 2 – 0 Lithuania
Lithuania 6 – 1 Estonia
Latvia 1 – 1 Germany











Lithuania and Germany playing in Riga

On the other side of Europe, the close distance between the countries and good relations between the associations enabled Croatia to host Hungary and Bosnia to host Serbia. The results:
Coratia 1 – 4 Hungary
Bosnia 3 – 1 Serbia

Both matches attracted hundreds of spectators who were eager to see international minifootball at the highest level. The countdown towards ‘the real thing’ continues, as EMF EURO 2017 gets closer.












Bosnia – Serbia
 Magyar-Horvát meccs
Hungarian team in Croatia