“Excellent atmosphere, the most important thing”

Vladimir Tešić, the star of Polimark – Unisol Group gives the picture of the Serbian team that is going to participate in the upcoming EMF Champions League. A few but clear words, as we expected…

– How is the preparation going for the EMF Champions League?

The trainings and all preparation come to an end. In our trainings we intend to work on the physical condition and tactics of the team. At the start of the EMF Champions League we’ll be sure if we have succeeded our goal to prepare ourselves as much as we wanted.
– Playing in the EMF Champions League means a lot for an amateur player?

For a player it is a great challenge and honour to be a part of the EMF Champions League. It is great and important competition. Great teams and players from different countries are playing against each other. Media will also follow the competition, so it the significance and the level of importance increases.
– Which elements are the strongest of your team?

We play together for a long time and we know each other very well which could be our advantage. But the most important thing in our team is the excellent atmosphere. We never give up and we play the best we can.