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The close of 2015 has also brought an end of the 18th Business League and 21st League of banks and insurance companies’ season.

The League of banks and insurance companies winner is a team of Banca Intesa (winners of the last year’s spring part of season), who played in the final match against Eurobank, champions of the regular season. The regular 40 minutes of the match ended up without goals and after the penalty series Banca Intesa won by 4-3.

The most responsible individual for the triumph certainly was the goalkeeper Aleksandar Milic, who was once again excellent on a goal and moreover his defence and good attacking shots carried Banca Intesa to another trophy.

Similarly, there were no changes at the top of the Business League. The champion is still the Polimark Group team who defeated Delta Holding (3-0) in the great final match and won a fourth consecutive trophy in the competition. This trophy is an amazing addition to the collection of trophies of Polimark – they were the winners of the last four seasons, as well as the regular season champions in those years.

The winning team strikers Tesic, Stefanovic and Vuletic were on fire and the team of Delta Holding did not stand much chance against the defending champion who had a good day.

The Serbian Minifootball Association officials awarded prizes to the best teams and players. All of the final matches and the award ceremony could be viewed live via live stream on the website

The victories of Banca Intesa and Polimark Group teams have secured the participation in the final tournament of the Serbian Minifootball Association, which will be held in June 2016. The winners of the tournament in June will represent Serbia at the European Championship in Hungary.

The beginning of the spring season is scheduled for 27 February 2016.